Individual sessions one-to-one. The client proposes the subject and direction of coaching work, the coach helps the client to find his own answers. The answers come naturally and easy in the environment of trust and non-judgment. Coaching process is based on International Coaching Federation competencies and Ethics code.

Individual session
A conversation, when we get concentrated on one issue. E.g. brainstorming on client’s issue, exploration of the client’s personal development options, action plan in certain situation, etc.

1 session/60 min

42 EUR




One month of online support. First session – onetoone session or online conversation, when we set the goal and approve the achievement schedule. Further support – by email or other communication channels, weekly reports. 

1 session/60 min

Minimum one report with the feedback of the coach.

First month - 150 EUR
Monthly prolongation – 100 Евро

VIP – Very Individual Program

Intensive support, the program is recommended for transfer periods and achieving the resources demanding goals. We explore every area of client’s life – we try new options and the client is observing himself in new environment, situations, trying new behavioural patterns. The main goal is to bring the client’s inner world to a harmony and make the life as close as possible to the desired life vision.
The program can be adjusted to the client’s needs; it can include session with the psychologist, stylist, nutrition specialist, photographer and other proffessionals of Liberaria. Team!

12 sessions/60-120 min

420 EUR